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Helping Technicians Talk to Customers

Before a customer makes a purchase, they must have a level of confidence in their decision. Most customers buy because they have a need and they ALSO trust your tech and your company. But the customer would rather also know FOR SURE that they are buying a good value. Ultimately, customers are just like us; when they buy, they buy on value 95% of the time - NOT price. However, if your customer … [Read more...]

A New Way to Train Your Technicians

Ride-a-longs are still very important but they are far from being the only tool we have available to us. Trade-Serve allows you to Tailor, Train, and Track your Tech’s ENTIRE presentation. From beginning to end, in real-time or after the fact, review your tech’s entire presentation. Did your tech offer choice? Was it the choice you designed for that product-line? Was a service agreement offered? … [Read more...]

Is Your Business Ahead or Behind the Times?

The internet is rocking the way customers purchase. Only a very few customers are actually using a phone book anymore and Blockbuster has gone out of business. The way customers interact with service and install companies is changing as well. They are demanding choice, customer reviews, and they never look beyond page one of Google. Is your business ready for the changes? It’s Trade-Serve’s … [Read more...]

Leaders Know Change Starts With Us

Our lives are in a constant state of transition. Life is always moving forward; nothing ever remains the same. We are continuously being transported, sometime suddenly, other times gradually into the new, the different, the unexpected and the untried. As leaders, change is one of the most important factors for us and our organizations, yet most do not manage change effectively and … [Read more...]

Trade-Serve is a Power Invoice

Think of Trade-Serve lite as a POWER invoice that’s half the price of the the PAPER Invoice that your techs likely are using now. Imagine an invoice that tracks what your tech shows your customer (or more importantly, doesn't show). Could you use an invoice that packages product, one that does math and sends recommendations? corrects their spelling and handwriting, one that files itself, one that … [Read more...]

Customers Desire Choice

Customers desire choice – choice in price, quality, quantity. Make sure you give your technicians the ability to offer choice and the ability to show video explaining the features and benefits of each product. When you go into the grocery store, there are multiple choices of bread and the customers don’t all buy the same brand. Give your technicians the ability to offer choice. This single … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Coaching

Here's some thoughts on coaching: There are actually three areas a technician needs training in: 1. Technical Training 2. Soft Skills Training 3. Policy and Procedures I would rather think of training more like coaching. Here's why: 1. Coaching assumes we know the current level of performance, have a destination and a plan for self-improvement. 2. Coaching assumes we are … [Read more...]

View Every Option with Trade-Serve

Did you know that with Trade-Serve you can view every option the tech showed the customer, not just the final invoice but every option shown. You can not only see what the customer saw but what the customer didn’t see. Did the tech show the customer service agreements? Did the tech offer good, better, best pricing? Was an estimate left? Did the tech offer a discount for yard-Signs? Social … [Read more...]

MasterTech Goes Paperless

MasterTech Plumbing Heating & Cooling, one of the largest and most successful plumbing contractors in Mid-Missouri, has become the first in the country to implement the Trade-Serve Professional Business System. "The Trade-Serve system has improved nearly every facet of our business  -  inter-office communications and information flow, record keeping, billing, parts and materials re-ordering … [Read more...]

Service Systems Software Launches New Business Management System

(June 2012)   A customized electronic management system designed especially for professional services businesses is now available from Service Systems Software LLC.  The revolutionary new system was designed by the owner of a successful plumbing business to solve problems inherent with most professional services firms - plumbers, heating and cooling specialists, electricians, etc. Licensed … [Read more...]

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