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Setting goals and budgeting for the new year?

Fill out the form to the right for FREE ACCESS to our Business Balancer! Offer expires Jan 15th Goal setting and budgeting doesn't have to be hard Traditionally, owners and managers set aside several sessions or one long session, combined with prep time, to go through finances in hopes of making realistic goals and setting an accurate budget. While having goals and a budget is … [Read more...]

Why Trade-Serve is Different

In addition to the CRM customer management and Dispatch functionality that routinely accompany Field Service Software, we give you the tools to professionally manage your tech’s presentations. Please allow me a minute to explain. Managing what is offered and how it’s offered is much more powerful than just having a presentation book or policy. We give you tools to do the following: • Identify … [Read more...]

Free Financial Software Trial ($800 Value)

With each webinar, we give away software that will: • Create financial balance within your company • Calculate your hourly rate • Produce a budget • Display tech goals by the hour, day, week, month, quarter, year. • Make a retirement plan • Make a profit sharing plan. Call now to schedule a webinar so you can see the details of Trade-Serve. In exchange for your time, you will gain access to … [Read more...]

Why should I schedule a personal demo?

This website cannot adequately communicate some of the most important and radically new functionalities of Trade-Serve. Below is a list of a few things we can discuss which doesn’t communicate quickly and clearly in a website: • Virtual Ride-a-longs o It’s like being present for your tech’s presentation. It’s very important and will really improve your profits and customer satisfaction • Choice … [Read more...]

The Importance of SEO for Your Business

There are numerous factors that play into being found by your customer in your market. Together these factors are called, Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. Your ENTIRE organization needs to be involved in SEO in order to compete. In the past, you used to just buy and ad in the yellow pages; marketing life was “easy.” Now because of the internet, marketing requires daily activity. You … [Read more...]

Why Scripting Is Essential for Sales Training

Why Have Scripting? Can't You Just Hire Competent People? No! Your call center is the front line to realizing profits. Marketing is becoming much more difficult and, because of the internet, many consumers have already made their buying decision before they ever speak to your front line people. Scripting is about being intentional with your policies. You business is way too complicated to leave … [Read more...]

Understanding Your Business

A component of knowing what to do is based upon having the full picture. Trade-Serve gives you not only the “big” picture but it allows you to drill down into the full picture and diagnose what went right or what went wrong. It allows you to connect the dots. When all the dots are connected, you get the BIG picture and now you can make a decision. What went wrong? What went right? Was it your … [Read more...]

Discover What Your Customers Need with Trade-Serve

Fixing your customers needs, Known and UN-known needs and wants are fundamental to both customer satisfaction AND efficiency. Many business owners I coach erroneously believe that they must either raise their prices or lower their expenses. However, there’s a third larger and more profitable solution to increase your profits. That’s through efficiency. It’s way more profitable to repair two … [Read more...]

Helping Technicians Talk to Customers

Before a customer makes a purchase, they must have a level of confidence in their decision. Most customers buy because they have a need and they ALSO trust your tech and your company. But the customer would rather also know FOR SURE that they are buying a good value. Ultimately, customers are just like us; when they buy, they buy on value 95% of the time - NOT price. However, if your customer … [Read more...]

A New Way to Train Your Technicians

Ride-a-longs are still very important but they are far from being the only tool we have available to us. Trade-Serve allows you to Tailor, Train, and Track your Tech’s ENTIRE presentation. From beginning to end, in real-time or after the fact, review your tech’s entire presentation. Did your tech offer choice? Was it the choice you designed for that product-line? Was a service agreement offered? … [Read more...]

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