Why Trade-Serve is Different

In addition to the CRM customer management and Dispatch functionality that routinely accompany Field Service Software, we give you the tools to professionally manage your tech’s presentations. Please allow me a minute to explain.
Managing what is offered and how it’s offered is much more powerful than just having a presentation book or policy. We give you tools to do the following:
• Identify the product lines your sell
• Edit or Create Predesigned Packages for each product line
• Uncover your customers’ need for those same product lines by using a smart survey
• Allow your tech to quickly customize the packages
• Review in real-time or anytime using our Virtual Ride Along ™
• Coach your tech

The functionality listed under Why We’re Different is very robust and best communicates through a personal demonstration. We would love to give you a personal demonstration. In exchange for your valuable time, we will give you the Business Balancer, a $750 tool.

Why Trade-Serve's Service Management Software is Different than the Rest


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