Why Reviews and Testimonials are Important for Service-Based Businesses

You’ve got a great team of technicians who provide excellent service. And, perhaps you’ve been in business for several years with many happy customers. But what is the best way to get the word out so even more people hear about your company?

You could spend lots of money on various advertising strategies, which can be a great way to market. But are you leveraging customers you already have that are happy with your service? Using a customer review or testimonial to market to potential clients is proven to increase your marketing success. DigitalMarketer, an online marketing firm, says testimonials and reviews can boost conversions by as much as 33%.

What are reviews and testimonials?

Reviews and testimonials are written forms of word-of-mouth marketing. Essentially, they are the customer’s own words endorsing and recommending your product or services that you have recorded for future distribution. They give social proof and give credibility to you and your company when potential clients are deciding to use your company.

What can reviews and testimonials do?

Good reviews and testimonials will:

  • Help overcome the potential client’s skepticism
  • Put the potential client “in the shoes” of a real person who has had a positive experience with your company
  • Persuade potential clients of the benefits to using your company
  • Provide real data for potential clients previous successes
  • Introduce potential clients to the way that people felt after interacting with your company

How do I get reviews and testimonials?

There are many ways to gather reviews and testimonials, and the way you gather them may depend on what type of review or testimonial you are looking to use. However, we have found the best way to gather quote-driven and social media reviews and testimonials is to have the technician personally ask for a review after they have completed their work. Trade-Serve makes this process extremely easy because we can send a link for your customers to leave reviews with the invoice that is automatically emailed at the end of each service call. Once you have gathered the review or testimonial, be sure to always get the customer’s approval before using their words to promote your business.

What are some different types of reviews and testimonials?

  • Quote-driven: Usually brief and focus on a few sentences taken directly from your customer reviews or testimonials.
  • Social Media: These show up on your company’s social media pages. Be sure to direct your satisfied customers to interact here.
  • Authority-backed: Provided by people who are considered industry experts.
  • Before-and-After: Supported either with photos and/or a case study of how the customer’s problem was solved by using your service.
  • Success Story: How the customer used your product or service and the results they achieved.
  • Media Reviews: Be sure to highlight any positive media coverage about your company and services on your website and in your marketing.

Now that you know how effective customer reviews and testimonials can be for promoting your business, take the next step and ask for them.

Trade-Serve’s management software can help streamline requesting and gathering customer reviews. With Trade-Serve you can ask for a review at the perfect time. Contact us today to find out how Trade-Serve and our software can help your business secure a good review, get that review or testimonial in the right place, and build credibility to convert more leads.

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