The Importance of SEO for Your Business

 Don't Be Left Behind on Page 2 of Search Engines Result pages
There are numerous factors that play into being found by your customer in your market. Together these factors are called, Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.
Your ENTIRE organization needs to be involved in SEO in order to compete. In the past, you used to just buy and ad in the yellow pages; marketing life was “easy.” Now because of the internet, marketing requires daily activity.
You have to have the tools to satisfy your customer and then collect positive reviews. To collect meaningful reviews in this new world, you need a system that is location based. The reviews need to show on YOUR website NOT the reviewers website. There’s no SEO if your customers are witting your reviews on a reviewer’s website. Customer’s reviews need to be on the search engine’s website or at least on your website.
You also must have a system that allows you to send out professional emails informing the customers of your tech’s timeline. The emails must include links to product offerings and REVIEWS to the search engines and to YOUR website.
I know this all sounds complicated but Trade-Serve makes it reasonable to manage. The implications of not doing this are like refusing to advertise. You have to be found on page one of the search engines if you wish to run a profitable service business.

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