Helping Your Technician Sell – Without Frustrating Them

Every encounter with a client is an opportunity to make a sale. However, many technicians are not as good at selling as they could be, and they are often reluctant to sell add-on products or services to their customers. Below we discuss a three-step process to help technicians feel more comfortable in front of the customer. This three-step process encourages technicians to present options to customers like a menu rather than feeling like they need to pick a product or service and push it on their customer. If presentation is done right, your techs will make more than the minimum sale on most of the calls they go on.

Know what you would like your techs to present

The first step, is knowing what you would like your technicians to present. If you as an owner or manager don’t know what you would like to present, then how are your techs supposed to know what to present to your customers on the jobsite? For example, when a handle on a toilet is broken, what do you want your technician to offer the client? You may consider offering something like the following:

  • a minimum repair with no warranty
  • refurbishing all the wearable items on the toilet with a 6-month warranty
  • standard replacement toilet with a year warranty
  • upgrading to a dual flush toilet with a 2-year warranty.

This is an example of just one product line without pricing or specific products under each package. However, Trade-Serve can help managers and owners go through each product line and put together packages with pricing and specific products for all the product lines that your company services. When this process has been completed, technicians know what to present and can make great presentations on every service call.

Give your techs the tools to make presenting easy

If it isn’t easy for your technicians to make presentations, they will likely not take the time to do it on each job. There are many different tools that people use to help their technicians present, such as presentation guides or flat rate books. However, we recommend something that can be easily updated, such as a price guide that has been uploaded to a tablet. This makes presentations as easy as a few quick clicks rather than writing out line after line. A tablet is also a great tool because it enables your technician to have perfect handwriting and math on every call.  

Track what options your technicians present to your customers

Coming up with the right words to meet each customer’s needs is incredibly difficult. Often a technician will know best what the client may need but feels like presenting it would be a hard sell and hurt their relationship. Having several scripts for the technician to use enables him or her autonomy in the sales realm.

Some have said that people don’t always respect what you don’t inspect. We have found this to be true when we ask our technician to spend time giving customers options on every sales and service call that they go on. If you want to track a tech’s presentation, traditionally you had to make your technician write out every option they are presenting to the customer, or you had to spend most of your day going on a ride along. However, with a tablet, we can take a screenshot and attach a time stamp to each option that your technicians are showing your customers. So, you can spend just a couple minutes reviewing not only what your tech sold but what was presented. It is helpful to be able to see what your technicians are showing your customers so that you can coach your techs on specific presentation behaviors. Additionally, just knowing that a manager is looking at what is being presented usually helps to improve presentation behaviors automatically.

This three-step process isn’t an overnight implementation. However, Trade-Serve can help guide and coach you through it – many companies have found the effort is more than worth it. When you know what your technicians should be presenting, give your techs the tools to easily present, and follow up to be sure they are making great presentations on every call – sales increase and technicians feel more comfortable “selling” in front of the customer. Contact us if you have questions about this process, or if you are interested having Trade-Serve help you implement it in your company. You will be happy you did!

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