Helping Technicians Talk to Customers

Help Technicians talk to Customers with Our Sales Training Software
Before a customer makes a purchase, they must have a level of confidence in their decision. Most customers buy because they have a need and they ALSO trust your tech and your company. But the customer would rather also know FOR SURE that they are buying a good value.
Ultimately, customers are just like us; when they buy, they buy on value 95% of the time – NOT price. However, if your customer can’t read your tech’s handwriting, can’t understand the technical language in the presentation, or can’t find value in the OPTIONS that your tech presented, then your customer may buy solely on trust but it’s not a guarantee.
Trust is a very good and necessary component of a sale but it’s NOT the only one. Customers buy more WHEN they are more comfortable because they can determine value from your tech’s presentation.
That’s where Trade-Serve excels. We give you the ability to Tailor, Train, and Track your tech’s entire presentation in real-time or after the fact. This is especially useful if you don’t like or don’t perform ride-a-longs. It’s why Trade-Serve users are typically 40% more profitable than they used to be.

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