Setting goals and budgeting for the new year?

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Goal setting and budgeting doesn’t have to be hard

Traditionally, owners and managers set aside several sessions or one long session, combined with prep time, to go through finances in hopes of making realistic goals and setting an accurate budget.

While having goals and a budget is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, the process of making just takes too long.  

So, the team at Trade-Serve fixed that. Now, set goals and make a budget accurate to your specific company in 15 minutes or less. Yes, you read that correctly 15 minutes or less.

Shoot us an email or fill out the form to the right, and we will schedule a session to walk you through the Business Balancer for the first time you use it. As our gift to you this is an obligation and money FREE offer for a limited time.   

Whether you are using our budgeting app or budgeting by other means, you owe it to yourself and your employees to start the year with set goals and a set budget. Resolve this New Years to get them both in place by Jan 15th. 

Call us and schedule a time right now (636-222-2222), we will help keep you accountable on your New Years resolution. 





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