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Great Culture builds a profitable team

Great Culture builds a profitable team

Our Story
Like most inventions, Trade-Serve was born to solve a specific frustration. We wanted our techs to present options to our customers.

After decades of traditional coaching, role-playing and ride-a-longs, we improved our techs’ presentation skills dramatically but still could not achieve consistency in presentation at the level of professionalism we were seeking. It was very expensive to train. And each time a field tech or manager moved on from our business, we had to start training all over again.

We didn’t want to just be better than our competition. We wanted true professionalism which demands consistency especially in front of the customer. We needed a way to design and control the process on ever service call. Thus, Trade-Serve was born. We set out by studying Behavior Economics and Choice Architecture. We needed answers to several real questions:

• Can we uncover our customers’ known and UN-known needs and wants and still be seen as a trusted advisor
• How do our customers make buying decisions
• Can we then present packaged options quickly and consistently in a way that followed their natural decision making process
• How do we teach these complicated skills to our field techs
• How do we consistently monitor the presentation process and measure our techs’ behaviors

All of our revenue is generated in the field. We first needed a field solution. Therefore, we created a simple solution for our field personnel. We designed a solution that took our techs through the process and limited their ability to take shortcuts. We created dynamic pricing, smart surveys, smart packaging and smart GPS tracking. We created office tools so other businesses like your could edit your price guides – creating packages for each of your product lines with photos and videos, customer notes and payment processing. We created a simple inventory solution and our incredible Virtual Ride-a-Long so you can see not only what your tech is presenting but more importantly, what they may NOT be presenting. And of course Trade-Serve connects to QuickBooks and GPS and Call Tracking and call recording but we have other unique abilities as well.

We have different versions of Trade-Serve which fit businesses of different sizes and needs. Trade-Serve is able to grow with your business, and our customer testimonials show positive results and experiences from utilizing Trade-Serve. It works with the One-Tech Shop or call centers with multiple locations.

If you’re looking for a best-practice enterprise service system software that creates freedom, customer satisfaction and profits, consider looking at Trade-Serve.

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